K&C Celebrates Earth Day

Throughout this past year at home, K&C employees have found ways to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. More time at home allows for more time to tend to a garden, find local thrift shops and explore a more sustainable diet. To celebrate Earth Day, we’re highlighting some of the ways K&C employees are helping the planet through sustainable choices.

Cassie Ogren

My husband and I try to do a lot! For example, we:

  • Grow our own veggies in our backyard garden.
  • Only use reusable bags, even for loose rice, nuts and dried fruits.
  • Compost our food in a large container.
  • Purchase meat/fish from local butchers.
  • Spend a portion of our year going vegetarian.
  • Participate in solar energy.
  • Partner with Tree Trust to plant trees locally to grow the urban tree forest as part of my wedding business (HoneyHill Weddings and Elopements). Tree Trust specifically employs youth in the area who need job training!
  • Clean up our neighborhood every Earth Day.
  • Bike to work together (when we were in the office).

Mary Kuennen

The older I get the fewer things I want to accumulate. Thrifting is a way to donate items I no longer need as well as a resource for acquiring gently used clothing that fits my style. My favorite local thrift store is Arc’s Value Village. AVV has its own Personal Shopping program as well! You sign up, fill out a fashion/style survey and then make an appointment with one of their stylists.

To make it easy to navigate the challenges of COVID, they even offered Virtual Personal Shopping appointments via Zoom, and then show up to pay for and collect your goodies in person. Honestly, more of my current wardrobe is thrifted from AVV than what I paid for “new.” Check out the program and this shot from my closet. ALL found thrifting with Arc’s Value Village.

Kendra Moser

Typically, as the weather gets warmer and the sunshine is up for longer, I go for a walk or bike ride after work and pick up garbage, pop cans and beer cans in the ditches. It’s an easy way for me to keep the countryside beautiful and make sure I’m doing my part to avoid littering.

CeCelia Hubbartt

Over the last year, I have been finding ways to change to more sustainable and “green” options around the house. A couple of switches I’ve made include buying refillable, plastic-free cleaning supplies, toilet paper made from recycled fibers rather than new trees and finding new ways to use containers when they’re empty. One way I’m reusing containers is when I’m finished with a candle, I’ll freeze the glass overnight and pop out the leftover wax and wick so I can use it as a drinking glass.

Some of the switches are little changes here and there, but they definitely add up!